The best evening lights from a floating hide


Capture for lights on a floating hide

In bird photography, evening lights can actually be divided into three parts. First come the backlight situations, at the same time a soft taillight is already running, which also colors the landscape. After sunset there is sometimes a soft, really beautiful light, but the yellowness is gone.

In the place where I photograph the most, all these phenomena are repeated infrequently.

There is a forest in the direction of sunset and sunrise, behind which the sunsets / rises. There are only a few holes in the forest where you can get the very last threads of light to hit the birds. The situation is even worse with the morning lights. The good thing about the place is that there are a lot of birds.

Soft evening light, the sun has already set

This is the rarest of lights. Often after sunset the colors disappear completely and it’s time to get out. Then there are these beautiful evenings, when it’s worth continuing to shoot. In this series of pictures, the mating of great crested grebes is photographed from a really good line of photography.

A warm evening light

It’s very nice if the object is nice against a soft background and in a good line without branches. You rarely get to this light, or at least you feel that situations don’t come into the best time window. Often, the falling tail light is also very yellow, even too much.

This is a taillight photo, where the sun is reflected in the water through the window of a nearby house

Back light

The light with which the top pictures are taken, if they are taken at all. Backlighting makes it possible to get pictures in such a way that they catch the viewer’s attention right away. Especially splashes of water in the picture with reflections or balls of light create their own story in the pictures.

Counter-photographs are indeed the pictures that should probably be attempted the most. Backlight only requires soft sun, which again escapes into the forest too early and quickly.

In this sport, mirrorless cameras are good because they control the focus better than old mirror ones.

Photographer and floating hide

How were the pictures taken? A dry suit is used for photographing, so that the cameraman stays dry with a thick layer of clothing, and a floating hide, in this case the MrJan Gear Floating hide II.

With the hide, i go into shallow water, where the cameraman has contact with the bottom. The booth allows you to move around in the water and observe birds from a close distance.

My floating hide 2 is now upgraded Floating hide 3

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