Testing Ghillie Blanket by MrJan Gear

MrJan Gear Ghillie Blanket camouflage

A different kind of camouflage netting that is perfect for a hide in the finnish forest. I have used this new product while shooting shy species as flying squirrel and raccoon dog. The netting is made of bundles of string which makes it a very efficient hide and breaks down the surface so it’s not easily spotted.

Ghillie Blanket is not the usual thin fabric with holes on it, which usually is the case with camouflage nettings. It’s made by hand by tying knots with thick string on to a large thin net. The blanket is 1,5 x 2,5 metres and weighs 1,5 kilograms and is fit to hide one person easily. Heavy weight comes with benefits as it is not easily moved by wind and hangs down firmly. Lighter made fabrics tend to flap in the wind and make excess noise and movement.



Ghillie Blanket is woven/tied by hand and it seems to be very durable, i have tried to strecht it to see how much stress it can take. It also collects leaves, branches and sticks with it as you go so it becomes very natural looking very soon unless you remember to clean it.

Attaching the blanket

The blanket comes with thicker strings on it’s corners so it can be tied on to a tree or a branch. I like to carry small clamps with me, which are fast to attach and take off.


Ghillie Blanket is on the high end of commercial camouflage nettings, pricing at 49,50€, but the quality and materials used make it a completely different product compared to thin rustling fabrics that you can buy at any local hobby shop. It’s not everyday that you buy camouflage so it’s good to consider wether it’s better to invest in a good quality one once or try the cheaper ones first. I have a couple different types, one which i will probably never use because it’s even heavier than this and 95% of sunlight or any other light comes straight through it. Other ones are thin textile with cut-out holes that price somewhere around 30€. They are good and lightweight but need to be used with care, since they tear easily and catch wind immediately on a windy day. Ghlillie Blanket is a good addition to the bunch in providing a firmer heavier solution.

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Camouflaging and angle fishers tent

I tested he blanket on my summer hide, which is a fishing tent. It provides cover for the photographer but the front side of the tent is completely open. Ghillie Blanket hides the tent pefectly and masks the bright green color of the tent.

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