Roe deer in the winter landscape


Snowsuit, white protection for the camera and hiding at the edge of the forest

Disguising yourself is nice, but you don’t do it much. I dug out a snowsuit bought from an old army surplus store from the closet and decided to go on a very beautiful saturday before the sauna to see if I could get a picture of a roe deer or some other winter animals.

A roe deer was the most likely target, because there is a hunting feeding station in the place.

I didn’t have time to be there very long when i saw movement in the forest. A roebuck came first to check the place and i got some nice close-ups. I didn’t dare to move at all, because the animal sensed that i was there, but couldn’t see or smell for sure.

After a while, two females joined the company, and they dined for a while.

After this, the trio left across a small field into another forest.

I went to the sauna satisfied.

February 2023, Southern Finland