Photography of great crested grebes from a floating hide in the fog


Beautiful spring morning

In spring, beautiful foggy mornings are rare. Once before, I have been able to photograph the lekking of great crested grebes in a nice fog. Fog is a great addition and a special feature, but it can also be a challenge – a problem.

This spring morning, the fog worked well at times when I was floating with a client and the scenery was very beautiful. Sometimes the fog curtain thickened and i couldn’t find birds in the bay or be able to photograph them. There weren’t thousands of pictures from this morning, but there were some pictures stuck on the card to complete my image bank of great crested grebes.

Fog in image processing

Fog causes problems in image processing, but luckily there is a solution for it today: the dehaze tool. This setting removes haze from the image and can be found in Lightroom’s toolbox for the entire image or just the selected mask.


What floating hide i use?

Of course MrJan Gear hides…

MrJan floating hide version 1 aka classic.

My floating hide 2 is now upgraded Floating hide 3

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