Moose safari with MrJan Gear Two legged bean bag

Moose safari

My new DJI Osmo has inspired me to take some behind the scenes videos. A moose safari might be something that would be interesting for you to see. This video was taken on a September morning with no specific planning, so it was purely documentative shooting.

As autumn progresses, it becomes increasingly difficult to see moose as they no longer find things to eat on fields and move towards thick forests. Hunting season starting in September-October also makes them more jumpy and timid.

When shooting from car I use MrJan Gear Two legged bean bag which is a lot like it sounds, a two legged bean bag to remove any vibrations coming from the car and protects the door and window as you rest your lens there. It fits the door nicely and stays still when driving slow speed.

Video has English subtitles, so watching without sound is possible.

Check out my blog post for the two legged bean bag!

Bean bag for car window from MrJan Gear