Lens Carrier System – alternative way for carrying a heavy telephoto lense


MrJan Gear solution for carrying heavy gear: Lens Carrier System

Carrying a heavy telephoto lense is tiring and takes a toll on your neck, shoulders and back as the whole weight rests on one strap. MrJan Gear offers a solution for distributing the weight on two straps and a back support piece, making it more like a harness and freeing both hands from supporting your gear.

It also stops your gear from constantly swinging on your side and hitting your legs. Carrier is designed with a front pocket where you can store a phone, memory cards, a battery or a 1.4x extender.

Carrier holds a large telephoto lense steadily and you can easily put on and take out extenders, batteries and memory cards with both hands.

Lens Carrier System can be used in two ways:

1) it can be attached to most backpack shoulder straps with a clip (watch the video for instructions)

2) used with the harness (included in the package)


Watch the video for more instructions and example on how to use it:



Photos: Emilia Milonoff