Cover your gear! MrJan Gear published lens raincovers


Autumn rains are coming – protection for your gear with showercaps

A new release from MrJan Gear for this coming autumn season is weather protection in form of a raincover for camera body and lens. The camo-pattern raincover comes in four different sizes.

It’s a good perfect time for their release since the autumn is approaching fast and winter right after it. In southern Finland the snow usually comes in the form of rain so we need to have protection against water and moisture during the winter too. The dark pattern isn’t the best option for winter but it still protects even if it doesn’t hide you that well.

But rain and snow aren’t the only elements that they can protect your gear from. They protect against saltwater splashing on a boat and in intense dry climate it blocks sand from going in every nook and cranny. From African savannas to rally roads, these coats provide good protection.

The cover can also be used forcamoflauge or when photographing from a hide, if you are worried that your lens will get wet.

Design of the raincover

Front end of the lens: A rubber band, that tightens the raincover around the lens hood.

Camera body: Rubber band and a clasp enables to secure the coat so it won’t allow any moisture or dust in during transportation.

Under the lens: About 2/3 of the way is secured by Velcro tape, which allows mount ring and strap to fit outside of the cover.

Tightening strap: On the front end, behind lens hood to tighten the coat around your lens.

lens rain cover mrjan gear
XL and L

Which size to choose?

I tested both of these on a cloudy day, to get a rainy day mood to the photos, but I left the spray bottle home so there will be no staged water droplets. I had three different lenses for testing and I looked up a couple measurement from the most used lenses for comparison.

XL-size is a bit longer and the front end is a bit wider. The photo above is to show some perspective between the two sizes. Below there are some test results and speculation on which size is best suited for which lens.

Front diameter 11,5 cm 14 cm 18 cm 18 cm
Total length 44 cm 52 cm 70 cm 80 cm
lens rain cover mrjan gear
XL size with Canon 400 2.8 L and and 5D body

XL shower cap

Tested with Canon EF 400 2.8 L II-version, a 5D body plus using 2X teleconverter. This set measures to be 60cm long leaving about 16cm empty space in the bag.

  • EF 400 2.8 L II lens hood is 18 cm in diameter
  • EF 500 4 L IS II lens hood is 16,5 cm in diameter, but requires XL size for it’s length
  • EF 600 4 L requires XL size for it’s length


L shower cap

Tested with Tamron 150-600 G2 and Canon EF 70-200 2.8 L II. Both of these fit well int e L sized coat.

  • Tamron 150-600 G2 lens hood is 12 cm in diameter
    • length at 150mm is 42 cm + camera body
    • length at 600mm is 50 cm + camera body

Looking at these specs I would probably choose the L size for Canon EF 300 2.8 L IS lens too (lens hood 14,40 cm in diameter, length 38 cm).

M shower cap

Check measurement above

S shower cap

Check measurement above

lens rain cover mrjan gear

Stored in a small pouch – cute and convenient

When not in use, the raincover can be stored in itsä own little pouch, which has been sown inside the raincover. It is similar to the storing of lightweight downjackets that are rolled in toa a bag for storage.

lens rain cover mrjan gear
Made in EU

Made in Slovakia

The products are made in the EU in Slovakia. Inside the coat you can find a label including washing instructions, serial number, time of manufacturing and name of the person who made it. These are not mass produced made in China products, these are good quality handmade items.


Where to get them?

MrJan Gear webshop


The writer is a MrJan Gear ambassador.

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