Big Drum Bean Bag, testing a big round beanbag from MrJan Gear

Photo: Mikko Joensivu

Big Drum Bean Bag, testing a big round beanbag from MrJan Gear

One of four new bean bag products from MrJan Gear, a company best known for their Boris backpack and floating hides. This big beanbag stands out from the more common known beanbags for it’s size and shape. A round shaped bag can easily support a big telephoto lens but can also be used with a smaller lens.


Velcro strap for attachment

This model can be attached to your lens with single velcro strap for example on the lens hood, making it easy to carry along and not having to be adjusted constantly. Shooting on the river bank the lens didn’t have to touch the snow, and laying on ice the angle was just right. Balance was distributed nicely between the bean bag under lens and battery grip on camera body. Shooting with a different and smaller lens, the beanbag would fit better near the lens mount, right next to the camera body. It says on the product description that you can attach the bag on a tree branch, floating hide on any other place you can think of.

Delivered empty

Beanbags are delivered empty and need to be filled with the material of your choosing. Options being dried peas, rice and plastic or wooden materials. I used expanded polystyrene, EPS plastic. They are small and light grains and do not flatten with use. They are also an environment friendly option, they are used in beanbag chairs and sauna pillows so they handle moisture well. It is also a budget friendly choice and easy to carry due to it’s weight.

Quality-price ratio

On it’s price range, this is a great product. Materials used are good quality and reliable. The bag comes with another bag for filling, so you can wash the beanbag itself easily just by taking the filling bag out. Price is 19€ + postage.

A big and round bean bag. Not the most common form of a bean bag but our experience is that this form is very useful. A velcro strap on the bottom makes it easy to attach it to a branch, shelf in a hut or floating hide.

The material used is a heavy water repellent polyester/cotton mélange with a neutral camouflage print.

The bean bag has a separate mesh liner – easy to fill and easy to clean and when the filling gets wet, very easy to dry.

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Photo: Mikko Joensivu