Bean bag for car window from MrJan Gear


Bean bag for car window from MrJan Gear

Using your car as a hide is a good option when shooting deer and elks. MrJan Gear has a specific type of a bean bag designed to stabilize your lens and protect your car while also making it comfortable to shoot from your seat.

“Two legged” bean bag is designed to be used on a car window, a fence or a tree branch when you need to support and protect your lens. Before i have used my gloves or a hat under my lens to protect the car window and interiors, but it has still left a small dent in the inside the door.

Material of the bag

The material used in the bean bag is water resistant polyester-cotton mix that has a neutral camouflage pattern printed on it. The top of the bag which is in contact with the camera/lens is made of soft velcro.

Back-up strap

Bean bag is possible to strap to the car door by string or thin rope, making it possible to drive with your window open without a fear of it dropping. The other “leg” of the bag has a small loop in the bottom so it can be hooked to the inside door handle.

Delivered empty

Beanbags are delivered empty and need to be filled with the material of your choosing. Options being dried peas, rice and plastic or wooden materials. I used expanded polystyrene, EPS plastic. They are small and light grains and do not flatten with use. They are also an environment friendly option, they are used in beanbag chairs sauna pillows so they handle moisture well. It is also a budget friendly choice and easy to carry due to it’s weight.

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Protection for the back seat windows too

A bean bag protects the back seat windows too. I found it more effective when used a bit emptier, allowing the window to sink in the bag and giving better support that way.

Controlling the height with filling

You can control the height of the bag be adding or taking out filling from it or just by adjusting your seat or sitting on a phonebook. For me (189cm in height) the bag is most ergonomic when it’s full. As shown in the picture, it is possible to lay my Canon 1DX2 and 500mm lens in a way that i don’t even have to hold on to it, so it really is a quite stable system (this is of course by photographers own responsibility).

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Two Legged Bean Bag

Big Drum Bean Bag

You can also use the Big Drum bag for the back seat windows. It gives a good protections for the window, as they don’t retract fully inside the door in most cars. Being big enough, the bag gives good protection for your gear and supports ypour hand making it really comfortable to shoot. You can also strap the bag straight to your lens with a velcro strap.

MrJan Gear webshop: Big Drum Bean Bag

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