3.rd place in the mammal’s series in Finnish Nature Photo of the Year competition


Young Siberian flying squirrel in fiery light caught the third place in the mammal’s series this year

First time on the podium in this competition for me happened this year. I didn’t win but got the third place in the mammal’s series with a photo that shows a young flying squirrel resting right next to its nest hole, after sun has set. The light comes from a streetlight which tells the story of its environment. We share our living quarters withs these endangered animals and the more we build, the less they have space to thrive.

The idea for this photo came to me as the night got darker and I noticed the streetlight peeking through the spruce branches. The intensity of the light depended on how the branches were as wind moved them around. This photo was captured on the first night of trying, so more do-overs don’t always make the result better.

Thank you to Paul Stevens for letting me come with you to see the flying squirrel that in the end turned out to be a whole family of them.

EXIF-data of the photo:

Canon EOS R, EF 400 2.8 L IS II USM
1/80. f2.8, ISO 25600, 400 mm, tripod