August 2019 / photo stream

July 2019 / photo stream


Roadtrip to see wolves in Lassi Rautiainen’s hides in Kuhmo

On the second week of july we headed to Kuhmo in north-east Finland with the objective of photographing wolves for the first time. A...

Wetland hide – a hide for wet conditions

Wetland hide - MrJan Gear A hide designed for wet and challenging conditions. Commercially sold hides usually lack a decent floor or the bottom is...

Testing Ghillie Blanket by MrJan Gear

MrJan Gear Ghillie Blanket camouflage A different kind of camouflage netting that is perfect for a hide in the finnish forest. I have used this...

New light weight floating hide from MrJan Gear

Second generation floating hide released Floating hide designer and manufacturer MrJan Gear has released a new version of his floating hide. In comparison to the...

My year in photos 2018

Introduction Nature photography has gone through an enormous change in the last decade and it has come to be a very trendy an popular hobby....

196 thousand likes on Instagram in 2018

The year 2018 was a year i got more active on Instagram I posted pictures daily, mostly mammals. This summer i spent most of...

Photographing from a floating hide in the village of Nagli, Latvia

Floating hide workshop in the fish ponds of Nagli I spent the last week of april in a floating hide workshop pilot arranged my MrJan...

Bean bag for car window from MrJan Gear

Bean bag for car window from MrJan Gear Using your car as a hide is a good option when shooting deer and elks. MrJan Gear...

Big Drum Bean Bag, testing a big round beanbag from MrJan...

Big Drum Bean Bag, testing a big round beanbag from MrJan Gear One of four new bean bag products from MrJan Gear, a company best...


Tuomas Heinonen is a Finnish nature photographer based in Espoo, southern Finland.

Nature photography is an important part of Tuomas’s life, a way to relax and a good counter balance for working in private security sector.

Tuomas sells digital pictures and prints through his own business. He also provides education, presentations and guiding services, designs web-pages, and takes custom orders from clients who need photography services. Tuomas keeps actively working on new commercial projects in the field of nature photography.

Tuomas has blog in Finnish and through his Facebook page  he publishes the most recents photos with stories surrounding them. On his Instagram feed Tuomas posts photos almost daily, ranging from the most recent ones to some older photos from his archives.

Tuomas’s main subjects in nature are birds, mammals and landscapes.

When taking good photos, Tuomas considers the right angle to be a really important factor. This is often achieved by shooting from the same level as the subject, for example when photographing waterfowl Tuomas approaches them from water level. Tuomas’s photography consists of beautiful colors, narrow depth of field, sharp focus and great lighting. Usually a wider optic gives the most interesting outcome. When a good idea about new a photo or a new way to photograph comes to mind, Tuomas often builds his own rigs and tools to achieve the wanted result. Tuomas’s skilfulness and interest in nature photography is shown in the wide range of subjects and landscapes that change throughout the year.

Tuomas is an active worker in nature photography associations. He has been a board member in Suomen Ammattiluontokuvaajat (Finnish Professional Naturephotographers) association for years and is a founding member of an association devoted on documenting a valuable natural attraction in Suomenoja, Espoo. Their association published an informative book in 2017 showing the natural value and diversity of Suomenoja.

Finnish professional nature photographers association

Suomenoja nature association charter and board member

MrJan Gear


Tuomas Heinonen is a well known award winning Finnish nature photographer. His work has been published in multiple exhibits, books and competitions and other different medias. The document follows the journey of a nature photographer through different scenes starting from spring time when nature is waking up. What does it take to get to successfully capture a shy badger on a summer night, great crested grebes mating and building their nest, black grouses fighting in their mating marsh or a curious lively fox in it’s habitat. What gets the nature photographer up before sunrise time after time to capture these beautiful moments and share them with others.

Duration: 14 min
Language: finnish, english subtitles
Filmed and edited: Mitri Häkkinen
Handwrited: Mitri Häkkinen, Tuomas Heinonen
Still photos and videos of animals: Tuomas Heinonen













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